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to IP telephony!

Unleash the power of communication and collaborate in real time from anywhere on any device with our IP telephony solutions! Our unified communication systems will simplify remote work and improve the productivity of your business.

Cloud telephony eliminates the need to provide and maintain on-site telephony equipment, simplifying IT environments and reducing costs for businesses. For users, it means a secure way to communicate with their customers and colleagues from any compatible device connected to the Internet: computer, landline phone, mobile phone and tablet, which makes work even more flexible.

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Some Key Advantages of

IP Telephony

Your business telephony

wherever there is Internet

Receipt of voice messages

in your mailbox

Integration with your smartphone

Flexibility and adaptability

according to your needs

to Microsoft Teams

Fast 24/7 service and technical support

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What is Asterisk?

The Asterisk Communication Engine is an open-source toolkit that greatly simplifies the process of building communication applications. Asterisk is incredibly powerful, supports virtually all communication protocols being used today, and offers unmatched flexibility.

It was with Asterisk tools that BGM developed its first IP telephonesystem in 2005, which allowed BGM to implement hundreds of reliable,high-performance systems. These systems offer great flexibility and providealmost endless possibilities of application to make your business more efficient andproductive.

The Benefits of Asterisk

  • Tested and maintained open-source software
  • No license fees
  • Fast and easy development environment
  • Rich in customizable features
  • Flexible and powerful numbering plan
  • Available on site or hosted

What is Switchvox?

While Asterisk is an engine, Switchvox is a complete vehicle, designed for businesses that need a powerful, cost-effective phone system that anyone with minimal IT experience can handle.

Switchvox is administered through a user-friendly graphical userinterface (GUI) rather thanconfigurationfiles and custom scripts. Switchvox includes all the standard features of atelephone system as well as impressive, unified communication capabilities.

Recognized year after year among the best specialists in Canada forSwitchvox solutions, the BGM team takes care of the heavy lifting for you: youdon't need to be a developer to fully enjoy the benefits of a customized VoIPtelephone system!

The Benefits of Switchvox

  • Complete, unified communication platform
  • Powerful softphone
  • Simple management interface
  • Integrated call centre and statistics
  • Proven reliability
  • Available on site or hosted

Integration with Microsoft Teams

While Microsoft Teams has long been used for internal communications and teamwork, our solution connects Switchvox or Asterisk IP telephony systems with Microsoft Teams via direct routing, allowing businesses to make internal and external phone calls from any device compatible with Teams, anywhere in the world.

The Benefits of Teams in Direct Routing

  • One app for everything at all times
  • Interface already known to users
  • Integration with Microsoft products
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Smooth migration
  • Telephone and extension numbers
    don’t have to be changed